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by Jeremy C. Watson

I wrote this poem as I sat thinking over the last few days about Ahmaud Arbery, who was gunned down without sudden outrage or repercussions. For some, it's another reason to rage...yet, for me, with two black sons, I immediately get overwhelmed with concern for how life and reality looks for them. As I found myself in thought, I kept thinking what a luxury it is for some to not have to worry about communicating the things that we, as black parents, have to communicate to our children...and it saddened me...and it angered me...and it inspired me.

God Crime

by Jeremy C. Watson

What a year 2020 has been thus far. we are six months into the year and we've already seen and experienced what seems like a roller-coaster of turmoil and devastation. The year of the pandemic...The Year of the Quarantine...The year of Ahmaud Arbery...The Year of Breonna Taylor...the year of George Floyd...the Year of global protest...with six more months to go!

As a black man, with two black sons, it is easy...and likely wise, to be concerned about how the world perceives us. After the death of George Floyd, I was inspired to write this poem which looks at the why we are blamed for being the color that we are...when not a single one of us had authority or choice of which we would be.

So why hate us? Why blame us when our makeup was not by us. It was God. So if there is to be blame...blame the Creator and not his creation.

God made man in his his beautifully perfect image. Without flaw...without blemish did he make all of mankind...we hate what we should celebrate...we despise what we should adore...we reject what we should embrace...each our rainbow of complexions. 

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