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The Books

"Standing at water's edge while glaring at his own reflection

He saw his color collection as a sign of sheer perfection"

If the World Was Without Color

“I'd dance like only You were watching

I'd dance unashamed before all to see

I'd dance like every movement was a gift wrapped in worship

Yes, my dance is my decree”

Dance Izzy, Dance

What is Pretty? A Book of Affirmations

"I look in the mirror and this I've come to understand

There can be no flaws in a woman shaped by God's hands

If He said I was beautifully made then that has to be true

So, there can be no flaws as He has made those beautiful too"

What is Pretty? A Book of Affirmations​

“Where the sun drenches the skin with rays that disburse blankets of heat

A place where I simply open my arms and let it settle from head to feet”

The Beach

In this dark world,

You were created to shine
So shine
By your words,
By your actions.

A Star in the Day Still Shines 

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