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Jeremy C Watson

Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Author

Forever in Love

by Jeremy C. Watson

Forever in Love is my gift a word to my amazing wife as we celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. 

It is a spoken word piece that tells of my early on struggles through marriage and relationship.

Forever in love by Jeremy C. Watson is now available across all major streaming platform!

Forever in Love

A Song by Jeremy C. Watson

Featured Book!

A Star in the Day Still Shines

A Star in the Day Still Shines

February 2022 Interview w/

Stuidio STL with Chelsea Haynes

The Books

"I don't mean to preach or get sentimental,

But a kid loving themselves as they are is monumental"

excerpt from A Star in the Day Still Shines

Jeremy & Carmelita Watson

Jeremy C. Watson

St. Louis, Missouri native, Jeremy C. Watson, is a proud husband, father of four, entrepreneur, and a self-published author.

His first book, If the World Was Without Color, published late 2019, was featured in November 2020’s Just Like Me! Box and distributed to over 350 families across the United States. Since then, Jeremy has self-published several books all dedicated to his children and wife. Each book uniquely represents each child with beautiful photography that makes up the illustrations of each book.

"Creating books that are for my children, about my children, and feature my children are my letters of love and legacy to my children.  These will be pieces of me they will, one day, pass along to their children." JWatson

Authoring books of varied subject matters has gained Jeremy noteworthy local attention with featured interviews on television’s Show Me St. Louis,  interviews with accomplished Cleveland reporter/host and creator of The Good Stuff, Dawn Kendrick, and a radio interview with the gospel music famed host, Chuck Spearman, to name a few. 

"For as long as I can remember, writing has been a source of escape for me. When I was a child, journaling was my hiding place. I could give words to the emotions I wasn't brave enough to give voice to. In writing my truths,  I began to find different ways of communicating those truths with poetry and/or short stories. That was how I developed a love for writing. For a kid that didn't feel he had much of a voice, I somehow felt heard in my writing even if the only one reading was me." JWatson

Also, in 2019, along with his wife of almost 2 decades, Jeremy established By These Hands Designs, a small business specializing in handmade hand-built items of various sorts. Beautifully crafted wreaths, hardwood furniture & décor, luxuriously silky body butter & scrubs are all made by the hands and creativity of the Watson brand.



The Complicated Reflections of Him

Coming Soon

The Silence His Voice Made

Coming Soon

The Poetic Conversations of Ma

a play by Jeremy C Watson

Coming Soon

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